Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Reminds me of....

Headlines today read of mass arrests and general unrest in Egypt - reminiscent of times not too far past. Depending on your source, close to 2,000 have been recently arrested, most from the Muslim Brotherhood - that's where the recent history is being repeated. While Egypt's Parliament voted on the proposed constitutional amendment, supposedly allowing multi-candidate presidential elections, critics are calling it a hoax. It is not only the Muslim Brotherhood who voice the desire for true elections. Reuters reports that the government-sanctioned opposition party, Al Ghad, has withdrawn from further discussions with the ruling National Democratic Party in protest over the proposed constitutional amendment. The group is quoted as saying that the talks "has become a theatrical entertainment directed by the NDP to deceive the people and domestic and international public opinion."
I wonder how long this situation can continue, and at what cost...

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