Tuesday, September 26, 2006

US National Intelligence Estimate 2006 - Short on Intelligence

As though to gain some political mileage after it had already been leaked, Bush announced that he would declassify and allow the release of some of the conclusions of the US National Intelligence Estimate 2006. More on this later. For now read it and think to yourself... Is there anything here that a casual desktop review of some media reports wouldn't offer? Where is the intelligence..... What I find staggering is how short on intelligence the National Intelligence Estimate is! Either the DNI has resorted only to open source intelligence gathering, or our "clandestine" intelligence gathering and analysis capability offers nothing not already in the public domain. Not only is there not a single "surprise" in the released conclusions, but it also shows a very shallow premise upon which to build policy initiatives. Is this what our government uses as one of its basis for engaging with the world?

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Blogger Renegade Eye said...

Well written post.

The other point is, that it's ok to say stupid things about a religion's history, or to make fun of a religion, without it causing riots and death. Actually the Pope is someone, who has apologized to Islamists more often than not.

I dislike how cavalierly people use the word fascism. It is used emotionally, not historically. Fascism is a very specific condition, coming at specific times.

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