Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tens of Thousands March in DC Against War in Iraq

Yes, tens of thousands rallied and marched today in Washington DC (it looked to me like a few hundred thousands). That strip of green stretching from the Congress to the Washington Monument saw today what it has seen many times before... people coming out in large numbers to protest their government's actions. Their voices, calls, and banners reaffirming all that is good about the United States.

The event was organized by United for Peace and Justice, and people came streaming on to the mall off of buses from across America. They were joined by celebrities and members of Congress.

Today on the mall people of all political persuasions and backgrounds came together because they are angry. Their banners expressed the frustration they all feel... they want that bad about the US that the world has come to see to end (and Jane Fonda thanked them for giving the world a reason to see that good again).

While some carried signs and cried for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney for taking the country to war on false pretenses, others demanded that Congress step up to its constitutional obligations. All demanded the return of the troops to save them from dying for a senseless war. Many also warned against a new war with Iran.

The rally speakers invoked the memory of Vietnam and the civil rights movement. Indeed the scenes were reminiscent of that era (including hearing Jane Fonda and Jesse Jackson). They demanded that America learn from its mistakes of Vietnam. One mistake the crowd has learned from that time is that the onus of guilt does not rest on the shoulders of the soldiers; it belongs to the leaders who sent them there. Unfortunately, it is those leaders who have failed to learn.

As Tim Robbins rallied the crowd to tell Congress that impeachment is not off the table, the question many asked, "Bush, are you listening?"

He may have heard (he actually stayed in DC for the weekend), but it is unlikely that he will listen. Being the "decider", or as he revised it yesterday, the "decision-maker", he is on track to send the 21,000 additional troops to Iraq.

Although I feel good about being one of those out there today, let's hope that today was more than a "feel-good" day.

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Interesting to know.

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