Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Still A Game of Solitaire

Egypt's ruling party today is engaging in a classical case of politics of appeasement, and even that is occurring within rigid boundaries. The culture of fear which keeps regimes in power for generations feeds on establishing a sense of the taboo and the proclaimed desire to protect the greater good and is buttressed with the reality of retribution against those deemed to have stepped out-of-bounds. That culture of fear in Egypt is now being challenged by a simple slogan "Kefaya" or "Enough". ..... I have commented that change is necessary and inevitable, however if it is to be positive it must be holistic in its approach. In other words, voices, all voices, must be given space to be heard. The reality of changing the rules of the game in theory to allow multi-players while effectively only allowing one player is not lost on anyone. Everyone can see that it is still a game of solitaire. With dissenters being arrested and sporadic demonstrations, today's referendum on the constitutional amendment theoretically allowing for multi-candidate presidential elections left much to be desired not the least of which is sincerity.

Reality check: Egypt's deck of 70 million cards with no shortage of aces is no longer willing to have a single dealer.

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